LiftMaster Elite Series 8557 W/ Belt Drive

garage door liftmaster

Powerful Yet Quiet Performance


  • Using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, you will be able to securely monitor and control your garage door opener with MyQ® technology.
  • You will receive alerts in the form of email or push notifications to update you on the status of your garage door as well as house lights.
  • The MyQ mobile app requires no annual or subscription fee and is easy to download and use.



  • LiftMaster® designs powerful, high-quality P3™ Motors meant to meet your specific home needs.
  • Our ¾ HP motor merges strength with reinforcement. Not only does it possess a strong pull, but it has a steel reinforced belt to make lifting heavy doors easier.
  • The belt drive system ensures quiet function — something especially important for those with living spaces directly above the garage.
  • In order to ensure longevity and optimum functionality year after year, a Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) is used.
  • Having an enclosed gear case allows for ongoing lubrication which results in extended longevity and better operation.
  • Our six-foot power cord is designed to make it easier for those with large garages or vaulted ceilings to connect to power sources.
  • When standby mode is in use, energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less than when in active mode.
  • You will receive a five-year parts warranty plan as well as a lifetime motor and belt warranty.



  • Our Security+ 2.0™ system makes it so that your door only opens for you by sending a new code to you every time your door clicks shut.
  • Security+ 2.0™ safeguards your customer’s household – with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener so that the door opens only for them.
  • PosiLock® protects against burglaries by locking down if a forced entry is detected.
  • Just in case you forget to close your door, you can rest easy knowing the timer-to-close system won’t! Your garage door will automatically close after a pre-programmed amount of time — making it impossible to leave your home unsecured.
  • When your door closes either by MyQ technology or Timer-to-close, the Alert-2-Close system will provide a visual and audible warning that the door is about to shut.
  • The convenient motion detector system will activate as soon as you walk through the door — sparing you the blind-sighted fumbling around that would otherwise ensue.
  • Your garage door will be equipped with the Protector System®, which has light beam sensors that detect movement and automatically reverse the door if interrupted.
  • And just in case, you will be equipped with a manual release handle should your house have a power failure.



  • Auto Force eliminates the need for manual adjustments as it enables your opener to adapt to the changing climate.
  • Our convenient Electronic Limit Settings enables more efficient installation.
  • You may set up a maintenance alert to let you know when your opener is due for an inspection.


Included Accessories:

  • 3-Button Elite Remote Control (895MAX). With this Elite Remote, you can conveniently control up to three openers, MyQ activated lights or gates.
  • Smart Control Panel® (880LM). The convenient Smart Control Panel allows easy programming of all MyQ devices and remote controls and even has an intuitive menu meant to make programming easier.


Optional Accessories:

  • LiftMaster® Internet Gateway (828LM). Using Liftmaster’s Internet Gateway you will be able to connect your opener and accessories to the internet. In order to avoid personal injuries, if you choose to have the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway used, you must have sectional garage doors installed.
  • Ceiling Mount (195LM). With a sleek ceiling mount that works perfectly in most standard garages, you will be able to tidy up your garage by hiding cords and wires from view.
  • Remote Light Control (825LM). This allows you to control any MyQ enabled lights using your smartphone (via the LiftMaster Internet Gateway) or your garage door opener remote control.
  • Garage and Gate Monitor (829LM). This conveniently enables you to monitor and close up to four garage doors from anywhere within your home.


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