Infinity Classic Aluminum Garage Door

Garage Door Infinity Classic

Aluminum Garage Door Northwest Door has combined the elegance of a wooden carriage house style garage door with the latest manufacturing technology to create the new aluminum garage door – all-aluminum Infinity Classic. Infinity Classic’s weather resistant durability is unsurpassed and with proper maintenance, will virtually last the life of your home, “Everlasting Elegance”.


Infinity Classic Aluminum Door Install Before & After


Infinity Classic is constructed of commercial grade extruded aluminum alloy stiles and rails. Mechanical fasteners that connect the stile and rails are extremely strong and visually undetectable. The aluminum panels that are used in the door are laminated and 50 times stronger than standard aluminum panels. The panels as well as the door frame are available with a polystyrene insulation. Windows are standard with clear annealed glass and a grid overlay which creates the window design. The Infinity Classic comes standard with a white polyester finish or it can be field painted if desired.

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