Garage Door Spring Replacement

garage door spring replacement cost

If you notice your garage door is working improperly, you may need a garage door spring replacement. A broken garage door is stressful and inconvenient. Preventing further damage with the correct repair requires professional help. 

When there is a broken spring, it is best to avoid lifting the door manually or with the electric opener. You could harm yourself and cause the opener to burn out the motor. Having professionals replace the springs is the best option to get your garage door working again.

Warning Signs to Replace Garage Spring Doors

  • Listen for a squeaking door.

Suppose you hear squeaks or grumbles when you use the garage door. This may mean that something is wrong with the springs, and you should hire experts to check for any problems.

  • The garage door is out of balance.

An unbalanced door may close harshly and make unusual noises. However, balance problems may not be solely from worn springs, but they can lead to other issues.

  • The door is visibly misaligned.

Garage doors that don’t close properly or move between sides oddly may indicate a broken spring.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion springs are located horizontally on a bar above the garage door. The bar spans the full door width and has parts on both ends called drums, where cables wrap around to open and close the garage. 

The springs provide energy to operate the door while the cables control the lifting. If one of these components breaks, your garage door will not work correctly.

Garage Door Extension Spring Replacement

Extension springs are placed on both sides of the garage door attached to the track. The springs work with cables and a pulley system to open and close the garage. Any part of this system should be repaired or replaced if damaged to have a properly working door.


TorqueMaster by Wayne Dalton operates with springs, usually one or two, inside the shaft to roll up garage doors. It typically lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

Lifespan of Your Garage Door Spring

The lifespan of a garage door spring is measured in cycles from the door opening and closing. The lifespan may differ between garages, but most have a 10,000-cycle life expectancy. Therefore, a garage door tension replacement will depend on how much you use the door. 

If you use your garage doors frequently, you can have a garage door repair business use high cycle springs. It will allow more extended use. However, expect the garage door spring replacement cost to be higher than the standard. 

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