Flush Wood Panel Garage Doors

Flush Panel Garage Wood Doors

wood flush panel garage doorA plain flush design that is often suited for your home. This sleek smooth appearance can soften the appearance and be a very elegant addition. The flush design works well with arched door openings or create and apply a lightweight wood design to add your own personal touch.


Door frames are constructed using 1-1/8″ thick finger-jointed West Coast kiln dried Hem/Fir stiles and rails with Tongue & Groove weather joints at meeting rails. 1/4″ Luan Mahogany Plywood is attached to exterior side of the door frame (Model 051) or 1/4″ Rough Sawn Plywood on the exterior (Model 056). A 1-1/8″ thick polystyrene core and 1/4″ Luan Mahogany Plywood back can be added to these models to increase to insulating qualities and add additional strength to the door. These models are (Model 141) with Luan Mahogany Plywood on exterior and (Model 146) with Rough Sawn Fir Plywood on exterior. Door faces are Paint Grade unless otherwise specified Stain Gradefor staining purposes.

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