Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Kirkland, Seattle

For decades, homeowners have turned to Better Built Door for their new garage door installation for a variety of reasons. We have an unsurpassed level of experience dealing with every possible garage door issue imaginable. There are many other reasons that you might consider a new garage door for your home.  Here is a brief list of reasons that homeowners choose to install new garage doors.

  • Current Garage Door is "Shot" or pretty much falling apart
  • Garage door has been damaged from weather, time and even being run into by cars, bikes and children playing.  Oftentimes the age of a door and damage done leaves a homeowner with no real viable solution in terms of repair, so a new garage door may be warranted.
  • Damaged doors are fixable, but many times a door is older and no replacement parts exist for the particular door.
  • Homeowners often desire a new look to their home, so they opt for a new garage door.  This also adds to beautify the home and give it curb appeal a much needed boost.
  • Damaged doors that could be remedied with a section fix/replacement could end up costing 50% of more of the cost of a brand new door.  So why put good money into a bad long term solution?
  • Garage door section repairs and fixes for wood garage doors commonly result in mismatching of exact color.  Other times, an older, warped garage door will not match up properly with the new section, resulting in gaps and noticeable cosmetic mismatches due to the new part or section looking spiffy and new, while the adjoining section looks old and worn.
  • Older garage doors do not necessarily have insulation whereas new doors come with varying levels of insulation ratings.  Many families have laundry machines and/or other appliances in their garage.  During winter cold spells, an uninsulated door can result in appliance parts freezing up in a cold garage. 
  • A home may have a once-popular one-piece garage door that swings open. This type of door is now obsolete with no parts or replacement parts available.  
  • Homeowners and families want a nicer look offered by glass garage doors or garage doors with glass windows, so they'll often ditch their old look for a spiffy new one!

Unlike our garage door opener services, Better Built Door will only install doors purchased through us, as we will be able to warranty the entire project vs. installing a door purchased at Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Be sure to contact us before you purchase any new garage doors.  You will want your job done right, and you will want the advice of an ethical, professional with the knowledge and experience you need!

What a Difference a New Garage Door Can Make!

Here are a few random photos from recent installs.  Maybe it's time for you to consider replacing your doors?

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