Liftmaster 84505R And 87504-267

Looking for the ultimate Liftmaster? Look no further! With the Liftmaster 84505R and 87504-267, one can enjoy the ultimate ultra-quiet belt drive smart opener. Increasing efficiency as well as security to one’s garage and in essence, one’s home has never been so easy. 

Liftmaster 84505R Vs 87504


Looking at the specifications and features of each product can assist in decision-making by finding out exactly what one will get when purchasing one of these high-tech lifters.

Let’s start with the Liftmaster 84505R, which is an ultra-quiet belt drive smart opener that includes dual LED Lighting and an array of features.

Liftmaster 84505R specs include:


  • A 1,500 Lumens Integrated LED Lighting System
  • Belt driver type
  • Soft start/stop
  • 2-way audio and video thanks to the built-in camera.
  • myQ Compatibility
  • GDO Learn Button Color Compatibility
  • DC motor
  • Smartphone control
  • Security + 2.0 code type compatibility
  • myQ Diagnostics
  • Amazon Key compatible

Features of the Liftmaster 84505R include:


  • Home Connectivity with myQ: This feature allows one to easily connect to a home network with built-in Wi-Fi, as well as open, close, and receive alerts related to garage doors on one’s smartphone.
  • Power: A virtually silent system with an extra-strong belt drive system with a quiet and long-lasting DC motor, as well as a smooth start/stop that reduces maintenance.
  • Safety: This system electronically protects against forced openings of the garage door and has a security code that is sent to the owner every time the garage door opens. And let’s not forget the safety sensors that protect people and vehicles by stopping the door from closing on any obstructions.
  • Compatible with Amazon Key to enable you to watch Amazon shipments and grocery deliveries take place in real-time for convenient and secure in-garage delivery.

Now let’s have a look at the Liftmaster 87504-267, which is a secure view ultra-quiet belt drive smart opener with a camera, as well as LED corner to corner lighting and an ever so important battery backup.

Liftmaster 87504-267 specs include:


  • A 2,000 Lumens Integrated LED Lighting System
  • Belt driver type
  • A timer to close the garage door
  • myQ compatibility
  • A yellow GDO Learn Button Color Compatibility 
  • DC motor
  • A soft start/ stop
  • Security + 2.0 code type compatibility
  • myQ diagnostics

Liftmaster 84505R And 87504-267 Installation guide


The installation guide for both products is thorough and user-friendly, allowing one to connect the lifter to one’s garage as well as smart devices to make full use of every tech-savvy feature offered within these products. 

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