Liftmaster 8500w

Ultra-Quiet and Secure 


  • Garage door opener with built-in wi-fi so you can use your smartphone to control the Liftmaster 8500w with the free myQ app.
  • Connect your myQ account to Google assistant or IFTTT with a $1 monthly or $10 annual subscription fee.
  • You cannot include a subscription in the original Liftmaster 8500w price.


  • The 24v DC motor and 115.v60Hz voltage allows powerful and nearly silent operation, with adjustable speed options.
  •  Full Liftmaster 8500w specs include jackshaft type drive system, 24v DC horsepower, 115V.60 Hz voltage/phase


  • Features a built-in deadbolt that automatically locks when your garage is closed for added security.
  •  “Timer-to-close” feature closes the garage door after a preset amount of time. 


  • The Liftmaster 8500w dimensions mean it will only fit sectional doors up to 14 feet high or 180 square feet that weigh up to 850 lbs.
  • Includes the myQ remote LED light with integrated battery backup.
  • Frees up space overhead since Liftmaster 8500w installation includes mounting to the side of your garage door.


  •  It’s important to note the Liftmaster 8500w warranty is only five years for parts (accessories not covered), while the motor has a lifetime warranty.
  • Refer to the Liftmaster 8500w manual if you need details on what the warranty does and doesn’t cover as well as any Liftmaster 8500w error codes.

The Liftmaster 8500w best price is around $400, which isn’t much when you think about all the features it has to offer. Thinking about upgrading your garage door opener after reading our Liftmaster 8500w review? Then contact us today for more information!

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