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Garage Door Repair Service in Bothell

Need help with garage door repair at your Bothell home? We’ve got you covered!

bothell garage door repair service

While homeowners often think that garage door repairs are DIY projects, it doesn’t take them long to see why people call a professional repair service to fix garage door issues. There are numerous complex parts at play when it comes to the functionality of your garage doors — making it necessary for a professional to be called for repairs.

If the garage door at your Bothell residence has recently started having issues, give Better Built Doors repair team a call.

Why You Need a Professional Repair Service

Garage door issues are rarely an easy fix, and diagnosing what’s wrong with your garage door is tricky. It could be your opener, the track, the springs, or the rollers.

And, if your door is an old one, the entire door may even need replacing.

To avoid shooting in the dark about what is the real cause of your garage door issues, let a professional door service diagnose and make the garage door repair for you.

Bothell Repair Services That We Offer

Entire Door Replacements

Whether your door has been having issues for a while or you simply want to update your aesthetic, getting a garage door replaced is no easy feat.

To ensure a quality installation, give Better Built Doors in Bothell a call today.

Spring or Roller Replacements

If the springs or rollers on your garage door are damaged, you may find that your garage door has trouble opening, closing, or doing so without a great deal of noise (sorry neighbors!).

Garage door springs and rollers need to be replaced periodically, so if you suspect that your garage door is in need of this type of repair, give Better Built Doors a call today.

Door Off Track Repairs

This issue is especially common with older garage doors. Having your garage door run off of its track is a massive inconvenience as it prevents access to your garage.

Luckily, with a team of professionals, off-track garage doors are a pretty quick and easy fix.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Have an old or faulty garage door opener? Outdated garage door openers are inconvenient and also pose a safety risk.

If there is a home emergency that necessitates you leaving your home suddenly and your garage door opener stalls, you could be locked inside your garage.

Whether you have safety reasons or practical ones for wanting a new garage door opener, our team of garage door opener repair experts would be happy to help you resolve your issues.

Contact Better Built Doors Bothell Repairs Team Today!

Our team exists to make the lives of Bothell homeowners easier.

We know that inefficient or broken garage door functions inconvenience homeowners massively and we want to do everything in our power to improve the functionality of your Bothell residence.

Contact us or give our team of garage door repair experts a call today to solve your garage door issues.

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