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While repairing your garage door can be a hassle — especially if you don’t have the right tools to fix it — failing to repair your garage door presents serious risks.

Your garage door is a prominent entrance to your home and having a garage door that isn’t functional could compromise the security of your family — or at the very least, your garage and all your possessions inside.

This is why having a functional garage door is so vitally important.

Now that you are convinced functional garage doors are paramount, let’s delve into some of the issues that Woodinville homeowners face when it comes to garage door repairs.

Why Choose a Professional Garage Door Service in Woodinville?

Working with a professional garage door service in Woodinville will ensure that your issue is diagnosed and repaired. It can be difficult to guess and tell what is actually wrong and working with a professional garage door company in Woodinville eliminates this worry.

Garage Door Repair Services For Woodinville Homes

Here are some of the garage door repair services offered at Better Built Doors in Woodinville. As a homeowner, you cannot always be expected to have the tools needed to adequately diagnose and repair your garage door.

Here at Better Built Doors in Woodinville, our garage door repair team will be able to easily assess what is wrong with your garage door and the best methods for repairing it.

Some of the most common issues with garage doors that we see are the following.

Spring Replacements

Garage door springs are essential when it comes to the functionality of your garage door. The springs are what allow your door to open and close.

A broken spring equals a garage door that doesn’t open or close properly — something that compromises home security.

Garage Door Replacement

Sometimes repairs just aren’t enough and your Woodinville home needs to have the entire garage door replaced. The good news is, our team of garage door repair experts can help you get a new garage door installed in a minimal time frame.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

Old garage door rollers will prevent your door from opening smoothly and are likely responsible for that ear-deafening screech that occurs when you open your garage.

If you are struggling with your garage door being excessively noisy or not opening smoothly, our team can replace your garage door rollers.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Your garage door opener will need repairs from time to time. If your garage door opener has been stalling, that is a good indicator that you should have it repaired before the problem worsens.

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Our team of garage door repair experts wants to help you secure your home and fix your garage door problems. If you have concerns about the functionality of any part of your garage door, give Better Built Doors a call today or contact them.

Our Woodinville team would be more than happy to help you make the necessary repairs to your garage door.

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