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At Better Built Door, our team has installed thousands of garage door openers in homes throughout Kirkland and surrounding areas. We can install all types of openers, including jackshaft, drives, chain drives, and belt drives that produce significantly less noise. Since we opened our doors, our main goal has been to deliver quality services at a fair price, so you can rest assured that we can take care of your installation regardless of the size of your home.

We strive to deliver excellent customer service every time. If you have a faulty door, don’t try to take care of it yourself. Find a reliable garage door opener installation company you can trust.


Benefits of Having a New Garage Door Opener Installed

There are thousands of homes in Kirkland, and many of these garage doors stop working every day. What’s more, many families still have manual garage doors, so they spend a significant amount of time opening and closing this mechanism whenever they use this part of their home.

By finding garage door opener installation services in Kirkland, you can save a significant amount of time, improve the appearance of your house, and potentially increase property value. In addition to this, you’ll also enjoy benefits like:

  • Increased security
  • Lower chances of accidents or repairs
  • Allows you to easily access your garage

When to Consider a New Garage Door Opener

Not all garage doors have an opener, but replacing the old model or installing a new one can have a huge impact on your home’s functionality. But, before looking for garage door opener installation near me, you should assess the condition of your opener.

Some signs you may need a new opener include:

Older Opener Installed Already

While old openers may be easy to fix, many manufacturers have stopped producing replacement parts. Even if the rest of the mechanism is working properly, repairing an old opener may be virtually impossible without a small piece, so these cases call for a new installation.

Safety Features Not Working Properly

New openers have safety features that reduce the chances of accidents and malfunctions. If your opener’s security features are not working properly, a replacement may be in order.

You Want a Keypad Installed

Keypads can help improve functionality and security, but many older models lack this feature. If you want to have a keypad or any other innovative feature installed, our team of specialists will be happy to assist.

Smart Homes Integration

If you plan to upgrade to a smart home, you’ll want a garage opener that can connect to a wireless network. To learn more, get in touch with our team of garage door opener installation specialists.

Noise Reduction

Garage door openers that have a chain drive were extremely popular a few decades ago. Unfortunately, these mechanisms are loud and noisy, so replacing them with newer belt drives is a great way to reduce noise whenever you use this part of your home.

Resolve Headroom Issues

Larger cars like vans and SUVs can struggle with headroom problems. Fortunately, you can now opt for jackshaft openers that improve the headroom and allow you to place bigger cars.

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Having an old or damaged opener means that the garage is not performing to its full potential. If you are looking for a reliable garage door opener installation company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Better Built Door and our team will be glad to help.

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