Everett Garage Door Opener Installation

Sadly, Garage door openers don’t last forever. If your garage door opener is showing signs of nearing the end of its days, it’s wise to replace your door opener before you find yourself trapped in your garage. 

Here at Better Built Doors in Everett, our team has installed thousands of garage door openers over the years. We have experience with all different types of garage door openers and are ready to help you get your installation done.

Why Should You Have a New Garage Door Opener Installed?

There are several reasons that necessitate having a new garage door opener installed. You should have a new one installed if:

It’s Been More Than 10 Years Since You Installed the Last One

Depending on the garage door opener that you currently have, it will need to be replaced at the 10 or 15-year mark. If you can’t remember when you had your current opener installed or it’s the same opener that you bought your house with, it’s time to look into having a new one installed.

Besides being inconvenient and clunky, an old one can be a potential safety hazard. 

You Want a Quieter Garage Door Opener

Old garage door openers often function accompanied by loud humming or screeching. This is problematic if you have neighbors or a spouse/children who rise at a different time than you.

Contact Better Built Doors in Everett if you are tired of the noise that your clunky garage door opener makes and are ready to make the switch to a new one.

You Want a Home That is Accessible With a Keypad

Older garage door opener models often lack keypad access, making entry to your garage less convenient. 

Keypads can be mounted to any location to make garage access easier for Everett homeowners. If you want a keypad outside of your garage or near the door that connects your home to your garage, a new one gives you this option.

You Want to Increase Home Security

Home security is very important for any Everett household. Many older garage door openers are equipped with a fixed code. This means that anyone with the code has access to your garage and consequently, you home. 

If you would like to increase your home security with a new one, give Better Built Doors in Everett a call today.

You Want to Increase Connectivity

Smart Homes (those that are connected through WiFi) are becoming more and more popular due to greater convenience. While old garage door openers lack the Smart Home feature, many new garage door openers have this function. 

Having a Smart Home means that you will be able to control garage functions at the push of a button. With your phone, you can control your opener as well as other garage door functions from anywhere in your house.

Contact Better Built Doors in Everett For Garage Door Opener Installation Services

A reliable garage door opener installation team is just a phone call away. Contact Better Built Doors in Everett to book our team to come install a new garage door opener at your home.

We’ve installed countless garage door openers over the years and want to help you improve your home’s security and functionality with a  new opener. Give our professional team a call today to get started.

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