Garage Door Opener Installation Redmond

Garage Door Opener Installation Redmond

Here at Better Built Doors, my team of garage door experts has been installing garage door openers in Redmond for nearly three decades. During this time, we’ve installed thousands of openers and have established ourselves as Redmond’s go-to for garage door openers.



My technicians are well-trained and equipped for success. When we install a garage door opener, we make sure that it works right the first time, every time.

Whether you need a belt-drive, a chain-drive, or a jackshaft model — If you can name it, we’ve installed it. Better yet, our competitive rates ensure that you’ll want us to!


Advantages of Installing a New Garage Door Opener

Many Redmond garages are still equipped with manual garage doors. These may have served a purpose in the past, but these days, manual doors carry more liabilities than perks.

Another problem I frequently see is homeowners sticking with dated garage door openers (like chain drives) instead of upgrading to better, safer, and newer technology. Older openers are prone to breaking, are expensive to repair, and finding replacement parts can be challenging.

Why do I recommend that you have a new garage door opener installed? Here are several powerful reasons:


Like I said above, manufacturers routinely stop making the parts needed to repair older garage door openers. This can quickly turn what would have been a cheap fix into an expensive endeavor. Switching to a newer model of opener means easy access to parts and affordable repairs.


Older garage door openers, especially manual openers, have a wide range of security risks — they are easier to force open, for example. Newer models, like the LiftMaster Jackshaft Opener, come with many security benefits — door opening alerts, auto-deadbolts, and audio alerts, to name a few.

Smart Home Capabilities

An ever-increasing number of Redmond garage door openers are getting synced to their home’s Bluetooth and WiFi network. Having a “smart” garage door opener gives you the ability to open and close your door from your phone, get text alerts, and see a record of when your door has been opened.

Noise Reduction

Chain drives were the go-to garage door solution for many years, but these days, there’s a quieter garage door opener on the market — the belt drive. Belt drives create significantly less noise than their chain counterparts, which means that you’ll no longer be waking up the house when you go to work in the morning.

A Solution to Headroom Problems

Most older garage door openers rely on large, overhead motors to function. This reduces the headroom in your garage, which, if you have a low ceiling, can be a serious problem. Modern jackshaft openers move the motor to the wall, freeing up ceiling space and enabling you to park larger vehicles in your garage!


Redmond Garage Door Opener Installation Service

Are you ready to swap out your clunky, loud, and malfunctioning garage door opener with a sleek new model? Contact my team at Better Built Doors today!

We have decades of experience serving the garage doors of Redmond and would love to help you optimize your garage’s functionality.

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